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Why Iqbal Matters

Azher Quader President  Community Builders Council (CBC) Mohammad Iqbal is a household name among South Asians in general. Many know him as an inspiring poet philosopher from the East. Equally many regard him as the Founder of Pakistan the one who originally conceived the idea and promote the notion of a separate homeland for Indian… Read More ›

On Mawlid and Muslims

Azher Quader, President, CBC  Ki wafa thoo ne Muhammad se tho ham therey hain Ye jahan cheez hai kya loh o qalam therey  hain If you are true in your love of Muhammad then We are with you This world is nothing; We will give you Our pen and tablet to write your own destiny… Read More ›

Make a Difference in 2014!

A year has come and gone. For most of us 2013 has been peaceful and prosperous. America the beautiful has given much to us to be thankful for. A growing economy, a booming stock market, a new lease on health care for the millions without insurance. For most of us our neighborhoods are quiet, our streets… Read More ›

Obamacare & the Politics of Deceit

In spite of all the misinformation floating in the air, our country today took a giant step in removing one of the major barriers that had obstructed millions of our citizens from accessing health care for decades. With the opening of the Health Care Exchanges across the country, Obamacare  (ACA) heralded today the end of… Read More ›

Twelve Years Later

Azher Quader  Twelve years ago America suffered an act of horrific magnitude which has permanently scarred it On that day it woke up to a new reality: that hate could hurt, that trust could turn into terror, that the happy days of freedom can change into an endless night of insecurity. We cried revenge and… Read More ›

Come Join Our March

 Abrar Quader 50 years ago Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke words that moved the spirit of a nation. His dream of hope, faith and equality was not limited to Black and White racial reconciliation alone. King and the more than 250,000 peaceful marchers who assembled in Washington in 1963 came to demand an equal… Read More ›

The Need For Trust

Do you trust yourself?    Have you ever heard of the Black Wall Street? It isn’t a very well-known place in this day and age primarily because it existed in the early 1900’s in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Moreover, it was undoubtedly the most affluent of all Black communities that ever existed. Considering the general status of… Read More ›

The Road Ahead

Azher Quader, President, CBC Remarks at the CBC Banquet 2013 From the very beginning the idea of Community Builders has existed on the belief that for us to matter in life, there is much more needed and required for us to give and to build than to give for or to build up our mosques and Islamic… Read More ›

Challenges facing the Muslim Community

1 Promoting  character development In my opinion, this seems to be the core area for concentration even before education. I think that a person’s character is a sum total of his/her habits. Habits are formed when the what, the how and the why of a certain idea meet. If I wish to develop the habit of… Read More ›


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