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Coaching Agreement Template Australia

I want to protect my IP from copying… Then you must use a coaching service contract with appropriate safeguard clauses for intellectual property – so your client is aware that your coaching material belongs to you and should not be shared, published or used in a way that you have not authorized. In this model of coaches` agreement, it is a matter of providing your services and clearly defining the obligations of the different parties. If you are mandated by a client for coaching and tutoring services, this unusual document sets clear limits for each party, para. B example, who owns the intellectual property, what the fees are, etc. Protect yo`self! If you want to offer coaching and tutoring services, use this coaching and tutoring contract model. This model of coaching agreements defines the conditions under which you provide your services. Don`t wait until you`re a bigger company to protect yourself, take your business seriously and protect yourself now. Putting things in writing protects both parties and gives security. . As a coach or mentor, this is the most important document you need. It should be tailored to your specific customers, present in detail the services you offer and be signed by them. A well-written coaching services agreement gives you legal protection and shows your client that you are a professional operator.

Is your business unique, riskier, health-related? If the intervention is there, you will probably need custom legal conditions to protect yourself and your business. With our personalized service, we start with a 30-minute telephone consultation so we can understand your particular business model. We will then develop a custom coaching services agreement and include the Standard Standard Bonuss website. Click the button below to purchase our legal design service: This coaches agreement defines the conditions under which you provide the services and to whom the IPs belong (intellectual property in the program and content).