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Bc Public Service Agreement

(2) Despite subsection 1, where a collective agreement provides for a longer or shorter notice period than that provided in the first paragraph, this provision of the collective agreement has an effect and is considered dismissal in accordance with that law. The main agreement of the AEP provides, at point 13.01, that working hours are set by mutual agreement between workers and management. The employer does not have the unilateral right to set working hours. 9. When the dispute over the main collective agreement arises in accordance with Section 10, paragraph 1, point a), the vote shall be established on all union members who are admitted as bargaining partners in one of the collective agreements described in Section 4. The AEP recently asked the Public Service Agency (employers) to pay our members for deserving services in response to the COVID pandemic. We had members working side by side with their BCGEU colleagues over the Easter weekend at the Canada-U.S. border. At that time, the employer did not commit to additional compensation for this work. The following guideline sets out a government approach to allow regular full-time professionals to take time off in an emergency: what happens if local management and AEP members in a work unit fail to reach agreement on a work plan? In this case, section 13.02 (c) provides that the disagreement may be referred to a joint union-employer committee in order to establish a final and binding provision of the issue. The Joint Committee is established in accordance with section 34.01, point h), and is composed of a representative of the employer and the union, as well as an independent president empowered to break a deadlock and make a decision. 14 (1) On a written request from one of the parties, the vice-chair of the board`s mediation department must appoint a mediator to speak with the parties and assist them in reaching a collective agreement if the parties are unable to agree on an issue that informs the union of the workers` names on a monthly basis or otherwise. , as stipulated in the collective agreement.

monthly wages or wage deductions were made in the previous month. and the amount deducted. 13 (1) Any collective agreement must include conditions under which the government must provide, taking into account the persons in the collective agreement unit employed as bargaining partners for that bargaining unit at the time of the union`s certification: (4) If the House finds, on request under item 3 above and after the investigations it deems necessary , as a technological change has occurred, the Board of Directors must declare the collective agreement terminated. In recent rounds of negotiations, the employer has not been prepared to change Schedule H pay without the AEP`s agreement to open and amend special compensation (SSO) by 7% of the base salary received by regular full-time workers. No, but Article 13.01 (b) of the Ninth Captain`s Contract stipulates that working hours within each work unit are agreed to by mutual agreement. The employer reserves the right to determine its hours of operation – the daily period during which the employer performs its activity – and the hours of work must be within this range, but the definition of actual working hours, the specific hours in which workers must work, is agreed within each work unit. The AEP was established in 1974 by a group of public sector professionals. History has it that the union`s founders mortgaged their homes to finance negotiations on the union`s first collective agreement. 4.

If one of the parties is not notified in accordance with paragraph 1 for 60 days or more before the expiry or termination of the collective agreement, both parties are deemed to terminate the agreement 60 days before the expiry or termination of the collective agreement and paragraph 3 applies.