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University Of Miami Articulation Agreement

A student who transfers credit hours from a two-year community or junior university (this is the last school attended) must spend at least 56 hours of credit in the University of Miami residence to obtain a bachelor`s degree. A student who transfers credit hours from a 4-year college or university (this is the last school) must spend at least 45 hours of credit in residence at the University of Miami to obtain a bachelor`s degree. The priority date for applying for a deferral for the fall registration is April 1; The deadline for applications for the spring is November 1. Applicants for the fall and spring registrations are always informed. Transfer applicants must apply and pay the non-refundable deposit tax; the final seeds of high school; Official test results, if any; transcripts directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admission; Form College Report; and a letter of recommendation from a post-secondary official or employer recently filed on his or her behalf. The Articulation Agreement is a legal contract between Broward College and other institutions that outline the standards that students must meet when enrolling at Broward College and the courses they must take at the transfer university. The University of Miami has entered into an articulation agreement with Miami Dade College. The agreement can be found online. Are you ready to go to college, but you can`t choose? Learn more about our university and use scholarship opportunities for BC students! As part of the articulation agreement between Miami Dade College (Honors College) and the University of Miami`s College of Arts and Sciences, admitted students who move from MDC Honors College have the following benefits: students must have left their current institutions of good academic and social reputation or have been honorably licensed. Transferable credits for courses at another regionally accredited university or university are subject to the following conditions: The course must be part of the University of Miami program and at the university of Miami course level; The score must be c (2.0) or better. and decisions on transfer and application to educational requirements are made by the Higher Education Admissions Office, in consultation with the Chancery and/or the relevant academic department.

An articulation agreement is an agreement between Broward College and a partner institution that sets the admission requirements. Joint agreements including programs (majors) include courses required for students during Broward College and necessary courses when students move to partner institutions Articulation agreements at Broward College are agreements that open up admission requirements for students who arrive who wish to move to broward College to obtain an associate or bachelor`s degree. On Tuesday, the two schools continued their long collaboration with the signing of a new transfer contract. MIAMI (CBSMiami) – It`s not uncommon for a University of Miami-Dade student to start with the intention of moving to the University of Miami. The requirements for higher education courses (300 or more levels) at the university may not be met with community programs. At least half the credit hours required for the chosen major or minor must be completed at the University of Miami.