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Agreement Relationship

A relationship contract is a document written and signed by (normally) two people in an intimate relationship. But in reality, the treaty is a catalyst for a very honest conversation. All the necessary details of the relational contract must be listed and clearly written. You can first fill out a relationship contract template before filling out the final copy. Sometimes we find that we are violating parts of our relationship contracts; We should always remember the importance of taking everyone into account in the treaty and respecting it. Being in possession of a relationship contract ensures couples that they will enjoy many benefits, including honesty, awareness of your partner`s reeds, communication, clarity and direction in your intentions and arrive in relation to the slides. These modified and associated relational laws are adopted and completed on the day of ____ The purpose of this relationship is to develop, maintain and promote the growth of both parties. Create the space that supports and encourages the other`s stories. This agreement can only be null and void after a personal meeting consisting of oral communication with eye contact. Hands must be shown. Both parties must have seats. – We agree to love and appreciate all the emotional breakthroughs that occur for us and honor all the tears that need to be treated in the safe space of our relationship The simplest and simplest type of relational contract is the one that has simple instructions to follow. These include the introduction, the details of the contract and the signing part.

We both agree that, as fallible people, we will sometimes lose sight of these agreements. None of us are perfect. If this happens, we agree to help each other get back to these agreements and continue to work towards a loving relationship in which we both feel heard, respected and understood. Like the canaries with whom miners have warned about gas leaks, explicit discussion of fears can help you know when your relationship is entering dangerous territory. You may worry that your partner`s family will intervene in your relationship, that you will both grow over time, that your partner will have an affair, that you will need to sacrifice your career for that of your partner, that you may not be able to have children. The list may seem endless. But, as the Roman philosopher Seneca wrote: “We suffer more from imagination than from reality.” If couples give each other permission to reflect and talk about their fears, they establish greater mutual sensitivity and support and can take preventive measures to prevent these fears from coming true.. . . .