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American Federation Of Musicians` Afm Performance Agreement

Musicians who live in the United States and who used to contribute to the U.S. pension fund use the LS-1 contract. You can complete or print Form LS-1 on the screen and write or enter the information. The LS-1 does not cover topics such as performance time, sound technique, travel, accommodation, catering, etc., but you can attach an endorsement covering these and other requirements you may have. To obtain contractual support, pension contributions and other AFM benefits, you must submit each contract to Local 1000 using the union`s contract form. You can download the corresponding form (or ask the office to send you one). After being completed and signed by the employer, the form must be sent to local office 1000. You do not sign the contract. Legally, this is an agreement between your employer and the union. This is what gives the union the reputation of imposing it for you.

AFM B-11 Report Form – Symphony, Opera and Ballet Audiovisual Convention B-11 Form B-11 Suite AFM Local 47 AFM Multi-Card Discount Form (afm.org request required; Discount Form Filed under “Miscellaneous” in Document Library) AFM B-9 Report Form – Limited Pressing B-9 Form B-9 Suite AFM B-7 Report Form – All Films, Theatre and Television Films, Industry, Miscellaneous. B-7 Form B-7 Continued. AFM B-3 Report Form – Made and Played Local Commercial Announcements B-3 Form B-3 Continuation A statute was adopted in 2011 that allowed Local 1000 to submit admission contracts for the first time. President John McCutcheon has written a useful article to guide you through the process. Below you will find the scales and information forms that you can download. With effect from 1 April 2011, the retirement contribution rate for registrations is 11.99%. AFM B-4 Report Form – Phonograph Records, Soundtrack Releases and Video Promos B-4 Form B-4 Suite Film/Telefilm RECORDING TV/Videotape Jingles/Commercials Rosalyn Dennett of the Canadian Federation of Musicians created this presentation, sketches out the performance and recording contracts and you need. Live Performance & Music Prep The Salary Scale of the Book Scale- Login Of Members Required Collective Agreements (CBAs) – Login Of Members Required Click here to access workshop and seminar materials and other digital resources for musicians….