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Csea Bargaining Agreement

As a first step, CSEA took proactive steps to ensure the safety of members and healthy working conditions and to preserve the chapter`s collective bargaining rights. CSEA has taken the lead in the outbreak to negotiate special agreements with districts to better protect our members. Many of these epidemic-specific agreements have been concluded and many more are under development. Due to the agreements negotiated by your chapter, you may have other sheets at your disposal at the chapter level. Your labour relations manager can help. Many districts have negotiated agreements with the CSEA on the impact of testing on bargaining unit members. Coronavirus testing can and should be performed safely and in a way that protects employee privacy. A: Our collective agreements have not been suspended and districts must continue to negotiate in accordance with the Employment Relations Act (EERA). If your district states that it is able to impose “disaster relief work” without negotiation or refuses to negotiate temporary changes to job descriptions, please contact your chapter management and its labour relations officer. At least employers may need to address issues such as working outside of education and appropriate safety measures. Q: Is distance learning the same as the school closures we experienced in the spring of 2020? A: No.

CSEA is currently working on coronavirus-specific, return and distance agreements with each district that will cover this issue. Talk with your employment relationship manager about compensation during the closure in your district. Your labour relations manager will immediately plan with your districts to ensure that the chapter is a fair agreement. Q: Given the security measures taken by the CSEA and the districts, is the entire negotiating team expected of us to be invited by the entire negotiating team? A: No. We urge you not to hold any personal meetings at this stage. Negotiations with the help of telephone or videoconferencing resources are required. The CSEA and the district must work together to find a method that works best for all parties involved. Q: We have already negotiated an agreement. Why negotiate another one? Q: What does the CSEA do to protect the health and rights of its members? A: CSEA played an important role in the development of the California Department of Education and Department of Health guidelines on reopening schools, which focused on developing specific measures to ensure the safety of students and staff in the event of schools reopening in the fall.

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