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Subsidiary Agreement Is

However, we are also concerned that we need separate framework contracts with each subsidiary for each supplier in order to maintain separation/distinction for corporate sails, company best practices and other purposes. Have you ever encountered this problem and, if so, how did you approach it? The company I represent has several 100% subsidiaries. We want to conclude framework contracts with national suppliers that apply to all our subsidiaries because it is more efficient and because we get a price break with the increase in the overall business book. Do you think it would work if my company (which is the “holding” of the subsidiaries) concluded each framework contract with each supplier on behalf of itself and “all its subsidiaries 100%”, and as soon as orders have been placed under the framework contract (if specific needs arise), is the order issued by a given subsidiary? If appropriate, it would be sufficient to simply state that the framework contract is concluded in the name of “all its subsidiaries 100%”, or should we list each subsidiary (for example. B in an exposure to the agreement). In accordance with the financing agreement, the State concludes with JTDS a subsidiarity agreement in form and content acceptable to the Fund. Unless otherwise agreed by the association, the beneficiary may not assign, modify, cancel or waive the ancillary contract or any of its provisions. The subsidiary agreement has been duly approved or ratified by the beneficiary and the implementing body of the project and shall be legally binding on the beneficiary and the implementing body of the project, in accordance with their conditions. The following is mentioned as a supplementary matter within the meaning of section 12.02 (b) of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, which must be included in the notice or notice to be submitted to the administrator, namely that the respective project agreements, the ancillary agreement and the ancillary loan agreements have been duly approved and ratified, and on behalf of the parties and are legally binding on these parties, in accordance with their conditions. .

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