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Validity Of Notarised Agreement

It has been decided by so many high courts and the Supreme Court that a contract of sale, if not registered, will not be recognized in court. The authentic deed makes it possible to avoid probable identity scams. For your lease to be mandatory, it does not need to be notarized. Indian laws do not require a lease to be notarized by a notary. However, if you want your lease to be certified notarized, you can do so by indiving yourself to a notary and presenting your document to him. Notarial agreements on fixed assets are not enforceable in court. When we discuss throughout the article what an authentic deed is and what a registration is, and why it is important to execute a deed of sale, we can say that an authentication is a simple formality to follow when executing a rental agreement. Notarial documents guarantee the legal authenticity of a person`s identity and signature, while a person cannot claim ownership of that property in the absence of registration of a contract for the sale of real estate. Consequently, the authentic instrument cannot replace the registration of a contract.

Both the authentic instrument and the registration are important in the performance of a contract. Notaries identify the person who signed the document and confirm the person`s signature. A notarized document proves that a person who disagreed with the agreement was someone who signed it. This applies in particular to written contracts, so a notarized document may be relevant in documents that must be written. A notarial deed is not necessary, but it is useful that your contract is one day brought to justice. As provided for in section 107 of the Transfer of Ownership Act, a lease with a term of one year or more may only be concluded through a duly registered lease. It is imperative that all leases for a period of more than 11 months be registered. Now that you`ve answered all your doubts about certifying and registering rental agreements, why not try creating a lease with LegalDesk. All you need is a good internet connection and a few important details from both parties, and you`re ready to create your lease in minutes.

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