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Love is in the Air

By Dr. Azher Quader

It is Valentine’s Day today. Love is in the air and America celebrates love as always with bouquets of roses and boxes of chocolates. Love is on sale everywhere we go. We see it in the balloons flying at checkouts. We smell it in the air as we pass by the cosmetics counter. We hear it in the music as we play the CDs.  From exchanging valentine cards in school to the candle light dinners in fancy restaurants, the commerce of love touches both young and  old alike, this time each year.

Our love affair with love is a pretty old one though. To the poets of the east unconditional love has no rules to follow. Per Ghalib::

ishq par zor naheen, hai ye woh aatish ‘Ghalib’

ki  lagaaye  na  lage  aur  bujhaaye  na  bane

Love follows no conditions it is like a fire

That gets ignited without being deliberately ignited and cannot be extinguished however one may try

It is a force that conquers per Iqbal:
Yaqeen Mohkam, Amal Peham, Mohabbat Faateh-E-Alam

Jahad-E-Zindagani Mein Hain Ye Mardon Ki Shamsheerain

Firm certainty (in belief), relentless action, a world conquering love—
These are the swords (and shields) of men in the battles of life.
It is the sigh of the created ‘neh’ longing to unite with its beloved, the Creator (Rumi). To the singing sensations of the west, love is undying (My heart will go on for ever: C. Dion), it is physical touch (I want to hold your hand: Beatles), an obsession (You are always on my mind: Presley).
At Community Builders we often talk about love too. Not the demanding, expectant love that comes in a gift wrap on Valentine Days,  but a love that is rooted in the scriptural  tradition of the east and the practical realities of the west. It is a love that touches our lives in many ways.   It starts from:
  • A love of Life, celebrating  its abundance, its freedoms and never to forget its gift of health, to be enjoyed and protected, against neglect and abuse.
  • A love of self, not the narcissistic, self indulgent love that craves for attention and self gratification, but a love for self that strives for its fullest realization through self awareness, self discipline, self motivation, integrity, purpose and proactivity. A love for self that nurtures and transforms the human condition from the ordinary to the extra ordinary through the absorption and expression of the attributes of the Divine.
  • A love of people for who they are and not of who we wish they were. A love that is unconditional. A love that reaches out and touches. A love that inspires others to become their best. A love that levels all barriers of color and creed,  that crosses all boundaries of ethnic divides.
  • A love of learning, which reflects in our commitment to education, both formal and informal. A love for learning that opens the doors for economic prosperity and financial security.
  • A love of community which manifests in part through a spirit of volunteerism, a commitment for social justice, a willingness to give of what one loves for the welfare of the poor and the needy. A love of community that is expressed through the establishment of institutions that ultimately provides for the common good and leave a legacy of goodwill.
At Community Builders we believe that all these expressions of love are indeed manifestations of our love for the Divine. Our real inspiration comes from Him, His guidance and the example left by His chosen few. We believe that our love begins with Him but it ends with His creation. It is not enough for us to experience meditative love in order to achieve a spiritual high. It is essential for us to express compassionate love that transforms the lives of others.
May He inspire us to live a life of love.

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