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Does Money Matter? (0)

March 19, 2020 • Articles

The obvious answer for those of us who are born or have lived long enough in the belly of the beast of capitalism, is of course yes. However, some people would have us believe that money does not matter. That living with austerity to the extent of being content in poverty is closer to piety. … Read More ›

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In 2022 Let’s Recommit to Serve (0)

Azher QuaderPresidentCommunity Builders Council (CBC)azherquader@yahoo.comJan 3, 2022 New years are usually ushered in with gatherings of friends or family over food andfun, talking about resolutions old and new, events and vacations along with hopes andplans for the coming year. 2021 was however very different, when most of us stayedhome through the year and worked remotely,… Read More ›


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