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Religion & Politics in Turkey – The Rise of AK Party & the Gulen Movement

You are cordially invited to an educational forum of
Community Builders Council (CBC) 
Sabeel Center,
8800 W Ballard Rd, Des Plaines, IL 60016
Date : Fri April 4, 2014
Time: 7.00 PM – 10.00 PM
Dinner:  $10.00
7pm-8pm: Registration, Dinner
8pm- 10pm Presentation
Topic: “Religion & Politics in Turkey” 
           The Rise of AK Party & the Gulen Movement
Speaker : Azam Nizamuddin, Esq.
                  Loyola University, Chicago
At the crossroads of faith and politics is where we are told to look for a just social order. The first Islamic state in Medina was founded on those principles. If the Gulen Movement is successful in creating a change within the political structures of Turkey then we should see the establishment of a more democratic and just society in that country. Turkey could then provide a good model for the rest of the Muslim world to consider. Indeed there is much we can already learn from Turkey given the missteps we have witnessed with the recent happenings in Egypt.
The pursuit of faith without a necessary understanding of the critical issues of the society we live in is to exist in a world of half truths. Religiosity anchored in the rigid web of rituals and dogmas, obviously has no place in politics. Values grounded in the principles of faith are what create great civilizations.
This would be an interesting discussion to seek a better understanding for the future direction of the Muslim community here in America as well.CBC
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